Repository 30th Annual Summer School

30th Annual Environmental Permitting Summer School Repository

Speaker Directory

Early Bird “A”: Facing Florida’s Water Challenges

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Early Bird “B”: Extreme Environmental People Skills

Early Bird “C”: Board Laws And Rules For Engineers

Early Bird “D”: Exclusive Tour Of Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District

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Breakout Sessions

** Overview And Update **

A.  Florida’s Environment, Water Policy, The 2016 Legislature And Beyond

B.  FDEP Regulatory And Policy Update

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C.  WMD Planning, Regulatory, And Policy Update

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D.  Environmental Permitting And Enforcement Update

E.  Florida Energy Policy Outlook

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F.  Current Trends In Federal Environmental Regulation And Enforcement 

** Emerging Issues And Advanced Discussion **

G. Taking Land And Water Resources Management To The “Next Level”

H.  Implementing The Florida Land And Water Conservation Amendment  

I & J. Lake Okeechobee And The Estuaries: A Water Management Balancing Act

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K.  New EPA Regulation To Redefine “Waters Of The US”

L.  Permits Under Attack: Defending Your Permit From All Challengers

M.  Permitting & Mitigation Challenges For Transportation Corridors, Ports & Intermodal Logistic Centers   

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N.  Comprehensive Watershed Evaluation, Planning And Management

O.  Emerging Issues In Environmental Due Diligence

P.  You, Me, And The Agencies: Techniques For Successful Negotiation Through Complex Regulatory Scenarios 

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Q.  Property Rights 101

R.  Recent Developments In Property Rights

S.  Development In Environmentally Sensitive Areas: Strategies For Avoiding Litigation Under NEPA, CWA, And ESA  

T.  Implementing The Restore Act In Florida

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U.  Risk Management For Environmental Consultants

V.  The Strategic Role Of Information Technology In Regulatory Reform, Regulatory Process Efficiency And Improved Compliance Outcomes

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** Growth Management Update **

W.  New Policy Directions For Growth Management 

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X.  Strategic Planning And Permitting For Development

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Y.  What’s Ahead And Why—Comprehensive Planning And Developments Of Regional Impact

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Z.  Transportation Planning: How Do We Get There From Here?

AA.  “Smart Growth – The Economics Of Place”

BB.  Urban Agriculture

CC.  Strategizing, Handling, And Defending Clients’ Interests At Local Quasi-Judicial Proceedings

** Special Course Series On Air Quality, Energy, Sustainability, And Climate Change **

DD.  New Developments In Air Quality Regulations

EE.  Integrating LID Into Local Government Stormwater Programs: A Users Guide

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FF.  Planning For Sustainability 101 

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GG.  Responses To Sea Level Rise And Climate Change

HH.  Florida’s Renewable Energy Projects: Updates, Outlook, And Challenges 

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II.  EPA’S Clean Power Plan:  A Game Changer Or Non-Event For Florida?

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** Florida’s Water Supply Challenges: Issues And Answers **

JJ. & KK.  Emerging Water Supply Issues 

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LL.  North Florida Water Challenges 

MM.  Central Florida Water Initiative 

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NN.  Linking Growth With Water Supply Availability 

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OO.  Minimum Flows And Levels:  Florida’s Next Great Regulatory Challenge 

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PP.  Embracing Water Supply Sustainability:  The Critical Role Of Alternative Water Supply And Reuse 

QQ.  Using Public-Private Partnerships To Solve Florida’s Water Challenge

RR.  Dispersed Water Management 

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** Special Course Series On Water Quality **

SS.  New Developments In Water Quality Permitting

TT.  The Next Generation Of Basin Management Action Plans   

UU & VV. Implementing Florida’s Numeric Nutrient Criteria 

WW.  Numeric Nutrient Criteria For Stormwater; Emerging Issues 

XX.  Water Quality Credit Trading 

YY.  Use Of Wetlands For Stormwater And Wastewater Treatment

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ZZ.  Florida NPDES Update

** Wetlands Permitting And Mitigation **

AAA.  Statewide ERP Rule Updates 

BBB. The Essentials Of Obtaining An Environmental Resource Permit: The Nuts And Bolts Of ERP Permitting  

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CCC. Emerging Issues In Environmental Resource Permitting 

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DDD. Federal Wetlands Permitting Update

EEE. Florida Wetland Jurisdiction 

FFF. Federal Wetland Jurisdiction 

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GGG. The New UMAM: Proposed Revisions To Florida’s Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method 

HHH.  Wetland Regulatory Jurisdiction Over Farmlands 

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III.  Practical Considerations In Environmental Mitigation And Mitigation Banking

** Coastal Permitting And State Sovereign Lands **

JJJ.  Special Permit Considerations For Sovereign Lands And Aquatic Preserves

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KKK. Coastal Marine Permitting And Mitigation 

LLL.  Coastal Construction Control Line Permitting

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MMM.  Coastal Construction “Hotspots”

NNN. Seagrasses And Mangroves 

OOO.  Beach Renourishment And Near Shore Hard Bottoms 

** Imperiled Species **

PPP.  Future Directions For Species Mitigation And Conservation Banking

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QQQ. & RRR.   Emerging Issues Affecting Conservation Of Florida’s Imperiled Wildlife Species, Including Potenial Impacts Of Climate Change On Wildlife Communities

SSS.  Regulation, Management & Conservation Of Wildlife

TTT. Threatened And Endangered Species In The Marine Realm 

** Waste Management And Site Remediation **

UUU. Selling And Financing Of Contaminated Properties: What Is The Risk Tolerance Of Financial Institutions Regarding Environmental Liabilities?

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VVV.  Sustainable Approaches To Redeveloping Closed Landfills And Waste Disposal Areas In Florida 

WWW. & XXX.  Landfills, Golf Courses And Gas Stations, Oh Buy! – The Hotest Plays In Florida Brownfield And The Most Effective Technical, Regulatory, Legal And Environmental Justice Strategies For Redevelopment Success

YYY. Current Harvest Of Rbca Fruit: A Full Basket And Seeds For The Future: A Risk Based Corrective Action Update

ZZZ. & AAAA. Riding The RBCA Wave Of Change! Pratical Applications Of DEP’s Risk Based Corrective Action Policy

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BBBB.  Technical Aspects Of The Phase I ESA And Compliance With AAI & ASTM E1527-13. Bonus: The Evolving Use Of Drones In Completing A Phase I In Florida And Who Regulates Them?

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CCCC.  Success Stories In Commercial Recycling

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