Repository – 27th Annual Summer School

27th Annual Environmental Permitting Summer School Repository


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Early Bird A

Early Bird B

Early Bird C

A. Florida’s Environment, Water Policy, the 2012 Legislature

AA. Innovations in Planning, Zoning, and Development

AAA. Water Quality Credit Training

AAAA&BBBB. Regulation, Clean-Up, and Reuse of Contaminated Properties

B. FDEP Regulatory and Policy Update

BBB. Human-Health Based Water Quality Criteria

C. WMD Planning, Regulatory, and Policy, Update

D. Environmental Permitting and Enforcement Update

DDD. Use of Wetlands for Stormwater and Wastewater Treatment

E. 2012 Update on Energy and Climate Change

EE. Low Impact Development

EEE. Florida NPDES Update

F. Current Trends in Federal Regulation and Enforcement

FF. Planning for Sustainability 101

FFF. Statewide Uniform ERP Rules for Florida

HH. Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resource Regulation

II. Florida’s Renewable Energy Projects

J. Delegation of Environmental Resource Permitting

JJJ. Federal Wetlands Permitting Update

KKK. Determining State Wetland Jurisdiction

L. Comp. Watershed Evaluation, Planning and Management


M. Use of Models for Environmental Design and Remediation

MM. Linking Growth with Water Supply Availability

N. Extreme Environmental People Skills

NN. Florida’s Fresh Groundwater Resources

NNN. Wetland Regulatory Jurisdiction Over Farmlands

O. Emerging Issues in Environmental Due Diligence

OOO. Practical Considerations in Env. Mitigation

PP. Unrealized Potential for ASR in Florida

PPP. The Future of Wetland Mitigation and Mitigation Banking

Q. Property Rights Take Center Stage

QQQ. Special Permit Considerations for Sovereign Lands. Etc.

RRR&SSS. Solutions to Permitting & Mitigating in the Coastal…

S. Protecting Environmental Permits from Legal and Other Attacks

SS&TT. Alternative Water Supplies

U. Breaking the Mold

V. New Policy Directions for Growth Management


WW&XX. Implementing FL Numeric Nutrient Criteria

WWW&XXX Brownfields at 15…


YY. NNC “Unfinished Business”

YYY. What’s the Risk? A Review of Risk Based Corrective Action

Z. Repositioning Your Florida Development

ZZ. Nutrient Reduction Benefits of Water Reuse

ZZZ. Air Quality Hot Topics