Repository – 24th Annual Summer School

Early Bird A – Sustainable Conservation

Early Bird C – Where Will We Find Water

A. Florida’s Environment, Water Policy and the 2009 Legislature

B. Energy, Climate Change and the 2009 Legislature

C. Growth Management and the 2009 Legislature

D. Actions and Expectations of the New Federal Administration with Respect to Energy, Climate Change, and the Environment

E. DEP Regulatory and Policy Update

F. WMD Planning, Regulatory, and Alternative Water Supply Update

G. Environmental Permitting and Enforcement Update

H. Science and Policy of Climate Change

I. Carbon and Renewable Markets: Opportunities and Challenges

J. Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions » 0414_001

K. Environmental / Land Use Approvals of Biofuel and Biomass Facilities

L. Analysis of Carbon Capture and Sequestration

M&N. Energy and Climate Change: Growth Management and Environmental Policy Ramifications

O. Green Remediation: Regulatory and Technical Considerations

P. Carbon Footprinting: What’s yours? If you don’t measure it, you can’t reduce it!

Q. Strategic Planning and Permitting for Development R. How to Deal with Agencies in Negotiating Settlement or Consent Agreements

S. Environmental Due Diligence in Land Transactions

T. Legal and Practical Aspects of Challenging Environmental Agency Decisions Under State and Federal Law

U. Bert Harris Act and Regulatory Takings

V. The Nuts and Bolts of Environmental Litigation for Managers, Consultants, and Other Professionals

W. Low Impact Development

X. What’s Ahead for Growth Management and DRIs?

Y. Environmental Consulting Opportunities in Hard Times

Z. Extreme Environmental People Skills

AA. Cooperative Solutions in Federal Environmental Permitting

BB&CC. ERP – Theory and Practice

DD&EE. Determining Federal and State Wetland Jurisdiction

FF. Federal Wetlands Permitting

GG. Science Based Solutions to Permitting and Mitigating in the Coastal Marine Environment

HH. Case Studies in Coastal Marine Permitting and Mitigation

II. Special Permit Considerations for Sovereign Lands, Aquatic Preserves, Outstanding Florida Waters

JJ. Coastal Construction Permitting

KK&LL. New Ground-Breaking Federal Mitigation Regulations

MM. UMAM: The Basics and Beyond

NN. Practical Considerations in Environmental Mitigation and Mitigation Banking

OO. Land Management Challenges for Mitigation Properties in Florida

PP&QQ. Emerging Issues in Endangered and Threatened Species

RR. New Developments in Water Quality Permitting

SS&TT. Total Maximum Daily Loads; Implementing Numerical Nutrient and Bacteria Water Quality Criteria

UU. Use of Wetlands for Stormwater and Wastewater Treatment

VV. Florida NPDES Updates

WW. New Stormwater Rules for DEP and WMDs

XX. Watershed Management

YY. Stormwater BMPs: Selection, Design, and Permitting

ZZ. Linking Growth with Water Supply Availability

AAA&BBB. Alternative Water Supplies: Emerging Technologies, Issues and Challenges

CCC. Florida Water Law – Is there a need for change?

DDD. Air Quality and GHG Reporting

EEE&FFF. Regulation, Clean-up and Redevelopment of Contaminated Properties

GGG. Beyond All Appropriate Inquiry: EPA Defines Due Diligence; ASTM Refines It

HHH. Risk Based Corrective Action Update

III&JJJ. Advanced Strategies for Structuring, Engineering, and Closing Brownfields Transactions