For about 2.7 million residents in a five-county area of Central Florida, the Floridan aquifer system is the main source of stored freshwater.
And while Florida generally receives 50 to 55 inches of rainfall each year, not all that rain reaches the aquifer. About 37 inches evaporates back into the air or runs off land into ponds, lakes or rivers.
Today, the current average total water use is about 800 million gallons per day in Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole and southern Lake counties. It is estimated that this area will need an additional 300 million gallons per day by the year 2035. However, we’ve determined there isn’t enough groundwater to meet all the projected needs.
Most of that additional need can only be met through expanded water conservation and other alternative water resources.
That’s why the Central Florida Water Initiative was created.