This two-day Customer Service Seminar addresses the challenges facing water utilities in the 21st century. The overall purpose of the seminar is to assist Customer Service Representatives in being responsive to increased customer expectations and expanding global demographics.



• Identify the characteristics of excellent customer service
• Describe the main characteristics of effective communication
• Describe the four stages of understanding/learning
• Identify and practice personal level of listening skills
• Apply the 10 tips for a respectful workplace

COURSE 1 Customer Relationship Building

Focuses on communication skills for working with people in a positive, respectful, and cooperative manner characterized by a high level of professionalism and teamwork.

COURSE 2 The Business of Customer Service

Concentrates on the problem-solving and decision-making skills required for evaluating and effectively resolving customer service complaints, both real and perceived.

COURSE 3 Water Industry Operations and the Vital Importance of Teams

Develops your skills as a member of a high-performance work team. The basic ideas of teamwork are taught with water fundamentals and water conservation as part of the background required for understanding water utility rules, regulations, policies, basic terminology, and operations.