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29th Annual Environmental Permitting Summer School Repository


Speaker Directory

Early Bird A – Charting The Future For Florida’s Water Challenges

Early Bird B – Understanding Water Reuse

Early Bird C – Board Laws And Rules For Engineers

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A. Florida’s Environment, Water Policy, the 2015 Legislature

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AA. Planning For Sustainability 101

AAA&BBB. The New UMAM: Proposed Revisions To Florida’s Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method

B. FDEP Regulatory and Policy Update

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BB. Responses To Climate Change And Sea Level Rise

C. WMD Planning, Regulatory, and Policy, Update

CC. Florida’s Renewable Energy Projects

CCC. Wetland Regulatory Jurisdiction Over Farmlands

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D. Environmental Permitting and Enforcement Update

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DD. Recent Developments Affecting The Regulation Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Stationary Sources In Florida

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DDD. Practical Consideration In Environmental Mitigation And Mitigation Banking

E. Florida Energy Policy Outlook

EE & FF. Emerging Water Supply Issues

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EEE. Special Permit Considerations For Sovereign Lands And Aquatic Preserves

F. Current Trends in Federal Environmental Regulation and Enforcement

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FFF. Coastal Marine Permitting And Mitigation

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G. Moving Forward Under DEP’s New Leadership

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GG. North Florida Water Challenges

GGG. Coastal Construction Permitting

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H. Implementing The Florida Land And Water Conservation Amendment

HH. Central Florida Water Initiative

HHH. Seagrasses And Mangroves

I. New EPA Regulation To Define “Waters Of The US”?

II. Linking Growth With Water Supply Availability

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III. Beach Renourishment And Near Shore Hard Bottoms

J. Permits Under Attack: Defending Your Permit From All Challengers

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JJ. Minimum Flows And Levels: Florida’s Next Regulatory Challenge

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JJJ. Future Directions For Species Mitigation And Conservation Banking

K. Permitting & Mitigation Challenges For Transportation Corridors, Ports & Intermodal Logistic Centers

KK. Alternative Water Supplies: Emerging Issues And Solutions

KKK & LLL. Emerging Issues Affecting Conservation Of Florida’s Imperiled Wildlife Species

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L. Comprehensive Watershed Evaluation, Planning and Management

LL. Using Public-Private Partnerships To Solve Florida’s Water Challenges

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M. Extreme Environmental People Skills

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MM. Dispersed Water Management

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MMM. Regulation, Management & Conservation of Wildlife

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N. Emerging Issues In Environmental Due Diligence

NN. New Developments In Water Quality Management

NNN. Endangered And Threatened Species In The Marine Realm

O. Maneuvering Through The Regulatory Process: Permitting, Compliance And Enforcement

OO & PP. Implementing Florida’s Numeric Nutrient Criteria

OOO. Long Term Stewardship Strategies For Residual Contamination After Closure

P. Property Rights – “Raisin” Cane

PPP. Site Restoration Of Federal Facilities In Florida

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Q. Development In Environmentally Sensitive Areas: Strategies For Avoiding Litigation Under NEPA, CWA, And ESA

QQ. Numeric Nutrient Criteria For Stormwater

QQQ & RRR. Brownfields Funding And Regulatory Solutions For Public Sector Planners & Private Sector Principals

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R. Implementing The Restore Act In Florida

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RR. Water Quality Credit Trading

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S. New Policy Directions For Growth Management

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SS. Use Of Wetlands For Stormwater And Wastewater Treatment

SSS. Risk Based Corrective Action Update

T. Strategic Planning And Permitting For Development

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TT. Florida NPDES Update

TTT & UUU. Practical Applications To Changes In DEP’S Risk Based Corrective Action Policy

U. What’s Ahead And Why –  Comprehensive Planning And DRI’S

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UU. Statewide ERP Rule Updates

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V. Transportation Planning: How Do We Get There From Here

VV. The Essentials Of Obtaining An Environmental Resource Permit

VVV. Phase 1’s In The Marketplace

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W. “The Economics Of Place”

WW. Emerging Issues In Environmental Resource Permitting

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WWW. How Will Florida Meet It’s 75% Recycling Goal?

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X. New Developments In Air Quality Regulations

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XX. Federal Wetlands Permitting Update

Y. Florida’s Rapidly Expanding Focus On Natural Gas

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YY. Florida Wetland Jurisdiction

Z. Low Impact Development

ZZ. Federal Wetland Jurisdiction